Yahoo Poll: 44 Percent of Likely Trump Voters See HCQ as ‘Cure’

Among U.S. adults intending to vote for President Donald Trump’s re-election, 44% see controversial drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19, according to the latest Yahoo News poll conducted by YouGov.

That figure represents a plurality of those intending to vote for Trump this November. Another 33% are unsure, while only 23% say it is not a cure for the global coronavirus pandemic.

The numbers for those intending to vote for Biden are far more convinced in the opposite direction:

  • 85% say it is not a cure.
  • 11% are unsure.
  • Just 4% believe it is a cure.

Biden leads Trump in the poll 49% to 40% among registered voters, getting a majority of support from young voters (under age 30), middle-age voters (30-44 years old), city voters, women, Blacks, and Hispanics.

Trump does not get the majority for any groups outside of Republicans and rural voters.

Despite that, the same poll found it dead heat on whom registered believe will ultimately win the election: 40% saying Biden, 40% saying Trump, and 20% saying either.

The Yahoo News/YouGov poll was conducted July 28-30 among 1,506 American adults of which 1,071 are registered voters, including 540 likely to vote for Biden and 388 likely to vote for Trump. The poll results did not provide a margin of error for any of the pools.