Missouri Town Goes ‘Footloose,’ Bans Dancing to Curb COVID

Jack, get back — preferably six feet back if you are in St. Charles, Missouri, and planning to party.

Three dance clubs in the city have agreed to voluntarily put the kibosh on dancing — for now — in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Fox2Now reports.

“I feel a little bit like the movie ‘Footloose,’ but that’s not what this is about,” Mayor Dan Borgmeyer said following a meeting with businesses and police. “This is just about volume.”

In the 1980s movie “Footloose,” an entire town banned dancing on religious and moral grounds. Borgmeyer’s reasons are more practical: Large numbers of partiers are being bused in from out of town and packing the streets trying to get into the clubs. It is making social distancing impossible.

“With St. Louis City and St. Louis County closing, we’re getting too much traffic,” he said of neighboring areas that have gone on tighter restrictions, sending more partiers his way.

“There’s a mass amount of people who are traveling out here who aren’t making it into the bars that are causing the problem,” Dennis Dixon, one local nightclub manager, told the station.

“Everybody is rushing out here but we’re not letting everyone in right now so I think the frustration builds in the people who aren’t able to make it in,” Dixon said. “They’re not in the first 200 people down here.”


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