Mark Meadows: Some Dems Ready to Refuse SCOTUS Nominee

President Donald Trump wants to be sure that he appoints a justice that will uphold the Constitution and who won’t legislate from the bench, but there are some Democrats who will refuse to confirm whomever he picks to succeed late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Thursday. 

“We have been working around-the-clock, late into the evening to try to make sure that the best nominee possible is put forward,” Meadows told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on “Outnumbered Overtime.” “We look forward to making that announcement as was mentioned on Saturday at 5 p.m.”

However, many Democrats have made up their minds that they will vote against the eventual nominee, said Meadows. 

“If it’s going to be a partisan event, I applaud them in saying they’re not going to meet, cast a no vote, but perhaps let’s move it a little faster,” said Meadows. “If they have their minds made up, let’s go ahead and make sure we get somebody confirmed.”

Meadows also commented on the president’s statements about accepting a peaceful transfer of power and his complaints about ballots being “out of control.”

“I think the bottom line here is that this president has been about the rule of law and making sure that we uphold the rule of law,” said Meadows. “If every ballot is counted, and if it’s a fair election, we have a history of a peaceful transition of power. To suggest otherwise is really not looking at the facts.”

Meadows also said that there is a “perversion of the election process,” including unsolicited mail-in ballots. 

“It is really all about making sure that every vote counts, but that’s only one vote counts and that we make sure that that transition from ballot to ballot box is secure,” he said. 

The White House is “prepared” for a peaceful transfer, but Democrats may not be, Meadows added.

“It was Hillary Clinton who told Joe Biden not to concede at all, and that’s before a single vote was cast,” said Meadows.

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