Beck to Newsmax TV: George Soros’ Influence Reaches Top Echelon of Fox

Conservative commentator, radio host and television producer Glenn Beck on Friday called billionaire George Soros’ backing of left-wing causes “sociopathic” — and asserted his power reaches the very top of Fox News.

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” the founder of Mercury Radio Arts, the parent company of the TV and radio network TheBlaze blamed Soros for fueling unrest across this country — and others.

“I feel he is almost so disconnected from reality it’s sociopathic,” said Beck. 

“What he does, he gobbles up the law enforcement,” he charged, adding “if he can’t change it in Washington or the capital of [another] country… he’s controlling it by who gets prosecuted and who does not.”

“That’s what he’s doing in America right now,” Beck declared.

Beck, who used to work at Fox News, said he learned about Soros’ influence on the network during a meeting with the network’s late head Roger Ailes, who called complicity with Soros a “game.”

“I’ve often told the story of being in Roger Ailes’ office and he said to me at one point ‘you know what your problem is … you won’t play the game.’ He said ‘look we all we play a game,’” Beck recounted.

“I was so disgusted by that. And I said ‘I don’t want to. It’s not a game to me. I don’t want to be a part of that.’ 

“That conversation was about George Soros,” Beck asserted, adding: “They make money on everything that they do. And George Soros has it locked up because he can destroy you.”

Beck related another alarming conversation between an unnamed top lieutenant of Soros and Beck’s own “number two guy,” alleging Soros’ ultimate goal is a Marxist revolution.

“The first thing that was said by the Soros representative was ‘your boss is hurting my boss and it’s going to stop’,” Beck said. “The last thing he said was ‘I don’t think you understand: The ship has sailed. And you’re either on the ship or you’re not.’”

“What he was talking about is the ship that we’re now seeing where this Marxist revolutionary (unrest) that is folding right into the world economics’ great reset,” Beck maintained. 

“That’s the ship that was sailing and everybody has to decide: Are you on the ship or not.”

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